How to go to Perth City from Perth Airport

Hi, I am Natariko in Japan.

I went to Perth in Nov. 2019, and I am introducing how to go to Perth City from Perth Airport to you with my photos!


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Table of contents
  • 1. Arrival gate
  • 2. (Recommend) Using city bus
  • 3. Using taxi


1. Arrival gate

Please see the photo of Perth Airport below. There is Arrival gate in the left side of this photo and there is Exit in the right side.

Exit photo:


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2. (Recommend) Using city bus

I recommend for you to use city bus from the airport to Perth city. Because it is low ticket price (Adult:$4.9, Child:$2.1). If you go to the city by taxi, the price is about $35-45.



You can see the view from exit of perth Airport (Terminal 1 ):

Please walk a path and turn right.

You can see the sign like this:

This stop is Terminal transfer bus. You cannot go to the city from here, be careful.

Let’s walk again. You can see another bus station.

Like this:

“Perth City Bus 380” takes you to Perth city. Please ride on a bus from here. If you ride on a bus “Route 380” from the city, you can come back to Terminal 1 and 2.

Please check Time table.

Monday to Friday, from 5:10 to 1:10 (next day)

Saturdays, from 6:10 to 1:10 (next day)


When you ride on a bus, please tell a driver the bus stop you ride off a bus.

Oh, don’t you know the name of bus stop? Me too!! No problem.

In this case, please tell a driver the name of hotel you stay. And ask him/her to call you if the bus get close the hotel.

Because in the city bus, there is no announcement and no display about next bus stop.

I thought most of drivers from airport is kind. Please do not forget to thank them.


Estimated time required from the airport to the city is about 15min.

If you can see tall buildings after you cross over a river, you are in “Adelaide Tce.”.


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If you want to know the bus stop before travel, please visit this site:

Please enter the name you want to go on “Your location”.

You can find bus stops near Your location.

If you click the green balloon on the map, the name and the number of the bus stop are shown.


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3. Using taxi

You can see the view from exit of perth Airport (Terminal 1 ):

Please walk a path and turn left.

You can find the taxi stand.

There is no custom of tipping in Australia. But there is some exception principle. If a driver carry your baggage to reception of hotel, please give $1-2 to him/her.


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